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J Seal Butchers - Butchers in Barnes

J Seal Butchers is a family-run local butcher located in Barnes village, south west London.


We offer a wide selection of meats, much of which comes direct from specially selected free range farms.



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The history of J Seal Butchers

J Seal Butchers is a family-run business that has been in Barnes, London since 1874. We are proud to be one of the longest-serving businesses in the area.

1852 - Joseph Seal was born in 1852 in Hardingstone, Northamptonshire. He worked in Northampton as a butcher before coming to Barnes and working for Charles Wagnell an established butcher in Barnes High Street. Joseph married Charles's daughter Maria. On their marriage Charles gave his business, then situated near The Bull's Head Public House, where the fish and chip shop now presides. Charles then became landlord of The Sun Inn until his death in 1882.

1876 - Joseph and Maria had three children, Lillian born in 1876, Edward 1878-1959 and Henry 1880-1953. Edward remained single, but Henry married Rosa Bluff and had two daughters, Violet 1911-1977 and Doris 1913-2005.

J Seals were purveyors to the late Queen Victoria and there is a letter from Osborne House on the Isle of Wight requesting meat to be slaughtered and prepared by J Seals and then sent to Osborne House.  J Seals was at one time at 6 & 7 High Street Barnes. 

1896 - In 1896 J Seal moved entirely to its present premises 7 High Street Barnes, (118 years.) The shop was previously a butchers shop owned by Edward March.

1914 - Edward and his brother Henry worked for their father until Joseph's death in 1914, he was 63 years of age. The brothers then owned the shop until Edward died in 1959.

1977 - Andrew and George McEntee then took over the business and in 1977 the present owner's father Robert Harrison then took over the business in partnership with Harry Clanford. Harry then retired and Robert became sole owner. All the men who have taken over the business had been working in the shop.

1973 - Daniel was born in 1973 and has lived above the premises for most of his life. From a young age Daniel has helped in the shop as a delivery boy and doing the washing up etc. Daniel comes from a long line of butchers on his fathers side and his mothers family have resided continuously in Barnes since 1895. So butchery and Barnes are in his blood.

One of his great uncles was a butchers boy at Seal's in the years leading up to WW2. His great grandfather was a baker in Barnes High Street in the years leading up to WW1.

2011 - Daniel took over from his father on 1 October 2011.